Wie man die Beute wie Lebensmittel isst

There is a special place in hell for tops that don’t eat a$$. Eating a$$ (aka analingus, rimming, butt munching, tossing salad, and eating the booty like groceries) is a must during sex. Period. And if you’re bottoming and your top says he doesn’t eat a$$, kick his stupid face to the curb. I don’t care if he’s packing an uncut, 8-inch, rock-hard dick. In 2021, we don’t trust tops who refuse to eat a$$.

With that out of the way, how do you eat a$$? Sure, you could just stick your tongue in there and wiggle it around. But there is a technique. Well, actually, there are multiple techniques. Let’s break them down so you can eat a$$ like a goddamn professional.

Necke das Loch
Before you delve in head first (literally), circle the hole with your finger. Spit onto his crack and let your saliva slowly drip down to his anus. Then lightly rub it in. Then don’t go straight for the center. Lick his a$$, slowly walking your may to his butthole. Then lick around his anus to the point when he’s begging you to ram your tongue in there. Then you give him what he wants

Spreizen Sie diese Wangen
You want to get up in there, boys. Spread those damn cheeks while you eat his a$$. Then you can release and feel those cheeks slap against your face. That shit is hot.

Spielen Sie auch mit diesen Wangen.
Spank ‘em. Bite ‘em. Shake ‘em. Get his whole a$$ involved when you’re eating his booty. Don’t just focus on that hole.

Drücke deine Zunge flach gegen sein Loch.
Anstatt nur mit der Zungenspitze zu lecken, öffne deinen Mund weit und drücke das Fleisch deiner Zunge, den oberen Teil, bündig gegen sein Loch, sodass du die meiste Oberfläche verwendest. Dann lecke auf und ab, Baby.

Verwenden Sie Ihr Kinn und Ihre Nase.
Ich weiß, es mag komisch klingen, aber deine Zunge wird ziemlich schnell müde, wenn du auf dieses süße, süße Loch gehst. Sie können sich selbst eine Pause gönnen (und Ihrem Partner ein anderes Gefühl), indem Sie auch Ihre Nase und Ihr Kinn an ihrem Arschloch reiben.

Wechseln Sie die Positionen nach oben.
So there’s classic doggie style, but who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned facesitting? Let him smother you with those cheeks. You shouldn’t be able to BREATHE. That’s how much a$$ I want on your damn face. (Okay, this may be my kink and not yours, but I stand by it!) You can also put ‘em in Spread Eagle. So he’s on his back with a pillow underneath his lower back to tilt his pelvis upwards towards you. Then push his legs behind him—don’t hurt him now. Sure, if he’s a ballet dancer, turn him into a pretzel, but otherwise, let’s not pull one of his hammies. Then feast on that propped-up hole. He can also jack off his dick too while you’re doing this, AND you can look up at him, which is hot. (When I bottom, I love to see my man eating my ass.)

Sag ihm, wie gut er schmeckt.
Schmeckt er gut? Lass es ihn wissen! Er verbrachte 30 Minuten damit, seine zu reinigen a$$Loch, bevor du vorbeikommst, damit du ihn essen und ficken kannst. Lassen Sie ihn wissen, dass seine Duschen (und das spezielle Peeling, das er verwendet) nicht umsonst waren.

Zeige ihm, wie sehr du es liebst.
Last but certainly not least, love doing it. When you love eating a$$, it shows, and it makes it so damn hot for the bottom. It makes you feel like a goddamn princess when someone is devouring your booty and clearly loving it. If you show your bottom how much you’re into it, I guarantee he’ll love it too, even if your technique is a little sloppy.

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